Testimonial 6

Sharing and knowing you’re not alone in your journey. Covering some of the ailments and affirmations. They have worked for me in the past.

— Andrea V., Cleveland, Ohio

Testimonial 5

Learning more about affirmations and looking into our thoughts from external sources.

— Jill J., Cleveland, Ohio

Testimonial 4

This workshop about forgiveness helped me realized the pattern inside my family about blaming each other and being hard on myself.  It really opened my eyes and motivated me to make a change and break that pattern! At the end I felt that I released a big baggage that I’ve been carrying for a lot of time.

— Mariana de la Fuente, Guanajuato, Mexico

Testimonial 3

Your workshop on forgiveness was honest and genuine. I truly feel that I gained amazing personal insight on patterns in my life. Bring love in!

— Siobhan O., Saskatchewan, Canada

Testimonial 2

Therese, I wanted to thank you for your workshop on forgiveness. You open my heart to be able to forgive the most important person in my life— Myself.

 — Sara S., Toronto, Canada

Testimonial 1

Therese is a genuine teacher that reminded me that forgiveness, for others and myself is the path to a peaceful life.

— Lori W., Bedford, VA